Welcome to The Friendship Force of Western Tokyo
Yakushi-ike Park in Machida
Yakushi-ike Park in Machida

FF Western Tokyo Club Profile 2021

Official club name : The Friendship Force of Western Tokyo
President : Ms. Sachiko Imamura
Secretary : Ms Toshie Ukaji
e-mail contact :  Send
Closest major airport : NARITA International Airport
TOKYO(HANEDA) International Airport(Domestic & International flights)

Cost of transportation by “Airport Limousine” from the airport to our club
From NARITA International Airport : about 35 US$ per person
From TOKYO(HANEDA) International Airport : about 14 US$ per person
By private car : If Hosts meet the Ambassadors at the airport : Free
From JR Shin-Yokohama Station it is a 20-minute train ride, which costs around 4 US$

The maximum number of Ambassadors : our club can host 15-20 people

About the club : We have about 40 members and welcome Friendship Force clubs from any country
About the region : Our club     is located in Machida city which is a suburb of Tokyo
Club members live in Machida and surrounding cities
Machida CityJapan
Population of Machida : about 430,000.

It takes about a little more than one hour by train ride from Machida to central TOKYO & to port town
YOKOHAMA. One day trip to “Kamakura” (historical, culture & flower city), “Enoshima” (a seaside town)
& “Hakone” & a park surrounding Mt. Fuji is available.

About the exchange : We have accomplished approximately 45 inbound and outbound journeys in total (as of Jan 2020) since our club was founded in 1989.


Last Updated Feb 2020